longest.week.ever??!!! i'm sure it wasn't just me! wowzers, i thought friday would never get here this week! probably because i'm so flippin' excited to see my friends, matt and amanda!

they are getting to town today and here until tuesday! super pumped about it. and i can also guarantee some cheap 20 under $25's to come out of the weekend! i've got all kinds of fun things planned for them while they are here. i hope they don't tire easily.

we'll see how 3 adults in a 550 square ft apartment goes. luckily, i like them enough not to care!
they don't know this yet, but i have the day planned for them today while i am at work. they are going to a little walking tour (directed (on paper) by me) of denver, stopping for lunch and beer, then a bit of the touristy 16th st mall (see how i'm getting that out of the way when i don't have to participate) and then ending at a rooftop bar in lodo for a free concert. of course, they know nothing of any of this so hopefully they aren't sitting at the airport reading this before they board. if you are, surprise!!!!!

we'll also be hitting the highlands, probably gold hill for some 'rusticness,' hiking, the pool, and the rockies game. overall i wish i could just plan people's long weekend in denver as a second job. i would be rock star at that! like down on the knees, flying v strumming, rock star!
i hope everyone has an equally fun, yet relaxing, and hopefully inexpensive weekend planned.
here's to the weekend.
xoxo ashleycolean

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