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hey ya'll. i've been way off on my blogging for the past couple of weeks. between travel, work, and recent mother nature related events i have had a full plate.

this month is costing me a small fortune-which sucks. but, like i said before, such is life. i've had a ton of unexpected expenses this month. most of which were out of my control. but i also did a little overspending this month (so far). not a crazy ton amount over my $200.00 limit but a bit....okay, more than a bit. $103.24-that, unfortunately, is not including all the crap i'm going to have to pay for because of my car damage. which right now is looking like about $400.00.

here's where i failed this month:

$43.83-at a bar in kansas city when i went to visit friends
$42.37-once a year i place a marykay order. that happened this month. i know you are probably thinking 'i remember that post about all the products you have. you didn't need anything'. you'd be partially correct. i have a ton of stuff, but a few things i didn't have any of and that $42.37 oughta get me through at least 6 months.
$37.98-a necklace online. it's an old anthro necklace and i was obsessed then and still am. but alas, didn't need it.
see-it's so cute!
$69.70-my obsessive compulsive planning got me in trouble this month when i had to rebook a plane ticket because the timing of the event i was flying home for was different than anticipated.

so those few bigger hits have pulled a bit more change out of the pocketbook than i would have liked.
i should be okay for the rest of the month not spending anything. i gotta lock it up.

i'll update you on what this car dilemma is costing me. i should know next week when i get gwendi the vw back. i already miss her.

here's to cheap weekends.
xoxo ashleycolean

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