but it's cheap

i am sick to death of this rebuttal when i say i can't   choose not to do something...'but it's only $10.00' (or $5.00, or $20.00, or whatever).

what i feel like saying is- quit spending my money for me you jackass!!!!

but i don't, because i'm polite (generally). so...here's a little list of the things that are only "$____" and what that cheap little thing adds up to in a years time.
cabs- $10 one way for me to downtown ($520 twice/mo for a year)
netflix- $12.97 for 1 disc ($155.64)
myfooddiary.com- $9.50/mo membership ($114)
internet- $50/mo ($600)
happy hour- $20 for a moderate night ($1040 once/wk for a year)
fancy coffee- $4.25 ($221/1 a week for a year)
sirius satellite radio- $14.20/mo ($170.40)

so the short of it is that these things, over a year really add up....$2821.04
not so cheap now is it?!? spendy pants!
xoxo ashleycolean

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