twenty under $25-five

if you aren't familiar-grace potter and the nocturnals, is probably one of my favorite bands. i've been to see them about 6 times so far this year. each time it's face melting amazingness. it's a real live rock and roll show, to say the least. i'm talking rock and roll. grace's voice is like a religious experience...true talent.

this weekend i saw gpn at the ogden in denver. my girlfriend emily and i got there super early for the best front row spots two girls could ask for (sans the sweaty, chatty guy next to us). little inside tip, if you are the in front row at the ogden they give you free bottled water (awesome). another great reason to get there early and get in line...there are normally folks selling discounted tickets last minute. so do a little smiling and ask around-you're sure to find something.

the ogden is an amazing venue-just the right size to have an amazing, exciting vibe, but small enough to have that intimate concert feel. just perfection.

the ogden has great ticket prices, too. perfect for a girl like me!

what i spent:
$0.00 walked to venue
$25.00 ticket to the show (thanks em)
$0.00 bottled water

total cost: $25.00

and worth every penny.
xoxo ashleycolean


Emily L. Davis said...

Love the photos and that I get a mention. Thanks, girl! You left out the funniest and, in my opinion, most priceless part of the night. :-)

ashleycolean said...

so true em! although, not sure your bra being flung around by benny's guitar for an entire encore has much relevance on my financial blog ;)

i, however, have never laughed so hard in my life! i was so proud :)