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now that i'm picking up views from and then she saved traffic (thanks to my free ad from anna) i thought i'd offer up a bit of a recap of what's been happening over here for the past couple of months.

after seeing anna in 5280 i decided to try and make a go of it myself-get out of debt $34,114.73 in 24 months. hefty goals. big cut backs. the works.

month one was tough-but totally rewarding with a total debt pay down of $1,950.52! it was amazing to me how free i felt financially even though i was totally cutting back on virtually everything. i knew if something came up, i could cover it-because (unlike previous times) i hadn't spent that (hospital copay, car tags, prescription, etc) on 5 so-so tops from H&M.

month two i did some investigating about what i really needed to keep in savings and what i could take out of my emergency fund to put toward my debt. thanks to a bit out of savings and somehow keeping my nose to the grind stone, my total debt payment for june was $3,108.09! in june i did a lot of reading, and got pretty obsessed with the 'out of debt' prospect!

so far this month. i'm cruising. i did make the mistake of spending the majority of my optional cash early in the month, which sucks, but hey-i'm still learning. i'm no expert. i'm no genius. i'm no money guru. i'm just trying to make this happen, and have fun with it, so one day i can look up and feel proud of where i am financially rather than feel horrified about where i am.

total debt down to date: $5,058.61! :)
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