the four money types

according to glickman people fit into 1 of 4 money types. i'm paraphrasing here...

1. spenders-those who spend money beyond their means-'they need to look closely at the connection between shopping and mood so they don't abuse shopping as others might alcohol or drugs'

2. hoarders-these people hold onto money and have a very difficult time letting it go. they 'need to recognize that clinging to money because they fear poverty actually creates the daily experience of poverty.' you might be a hoarder is you have a general need for control

3. money haters-are the people that think money is the 'root of all evil.' they 'tend to create deprived conditions, and need to see that undergoing a monthly struggle to pay rent doesn't help anybody or make the world a better place.'

4. money chasers-are the people that think getting rich is the most important thing. often hiding insecurity--these people use money to 'compensate for inadequacies in other parts of life that can't be as easily measured.'

i don't think that (unless you find yourself on the extreme of these personalities) the negative connotations come into play. at one time or another we are all one of these personalities.

so i'm a spender. wait, was a spender. now i'm a spender, masquerading as a hoarder, who is secretly a chaser!

what are you??
xoxo ashleycolean

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