i'm off

alrighty then. i'm off. to-wait for it, little rock, arkansas for work. i've got high hopes for surviving the airport after my last success story.

maybe something amazing will happen while i'm there. earth shattering, life changing, butterfly inducing, over the top excitement. you never know.

or, maybe nothing will happen. but no matter how it turns out, there is one thing i know for sure. for 5 nights in a row i will be able to sleep in air conditioning.

thank you very much.
xoxo ashleycolean

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Cory said...

Dude! That's totally my hometown. I'm flying in on Thursday, and I'll be there until next Wednesday. There's not much to do there, but if you want the nickel tour and some company Friday night, send me a FB message with your number! And a word of advice - don't pack anything with sleeves...the heat and humidity is unreal!