i see, said the blind man

i posted last week that i was going to have to order some new glasses, and my great friend kir, came to the rescue with a trendy yet un-spendy solution!

warby parker is an online eye ware company with super great prescription specs for cheap! new glasses from wp will only ding you for $95.00-including your rx lenses! 
these are the ones i picked!

the site also lets you try them-by uploading a picture of your face, or using your web cam, you can see just how stylish you'd look in whichever pair you go for!
not only does warby parker give you a bangin' deal on your new glasses but, like toms, with every purchase they donate a pair of glasses to a person in need somewhere in the world. learn more about it here!! thanks kir, for the heads up on this great site! much love.

and oh so hipster.
xoxo ashleycolean

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