leaving on a jet plane

i'm not a big fan of the airport. any airport. i always have some dilemma, end up running to my gate as they close the doors, forgetting something, getting the pat down....etc.

c/o weheartit
 but what's worse-i realize now, the airport is a spending trap. a trap, i tell you!!

the ticket is one thing. decent parking is entirely too expensive.
but it's inside. that's where they really get ya.

people are always walking around stuffing their faces with overpriced fast food, oversized sodas and sugar packed snacks. it grosses me out.

perfect example of what most people are noshin' on at the airport. fat free...of course.
i, too, fall into the airport trap. i normally get a coffee, or a cocktail, bag of pretzels, book, magazine, etc at the airport. this is always absurdly expensive, but i do it anyway.
no reason. no need. just impulse.

i recently went home to kansas city (bought the ticket pre lockdown) and when i was at the airport both coming and going i didn't buy a thing! not one thing! not even a delicious coffee-which was a miracle after getting to the airport at 6:30am.

 somehow made it through DIA and MCI (twice) only spending $18.00-on the parking.

patting myself on the back.
xoxo ashleycolean

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