beauty product blowout

so, i thought, for my first money saving activity i would go through the drawers, and tupperwares, and even tackle box i have filled to the gills with beauty products, hair stuff, nail polish, makeup, etc etc etc...

i figured, if i have an idea of what i have, and use it up, i won't have to spend money on much of that stuff for, well, a long time.

this is my before-i warn you, it's like my friend sarah told me 'hoarders: bathroom edition.'

so after a couple of hours of organization. i came out in much better shape.

i have 4 additional bottles of perfume. excellent. super savings.
 i have about 10 bars of soap. a few extra face washes (including exfoliating wash)...and enough first aid supplies to get my clumsy ass through (at least) the summer months!
 an entire bag of good nail polish-and another bag for my purse of day to day...
 8 body washes, crest whitening strips, 3 sunscreens and 1 aloe in case i forget the sunscreen. and the entire right side is lotion...oh i don't know...looks like about 25 bottles. (eye roll)
 face products and blush.
 and the whammy...lip sticks at the bottom, lip liners, lip glosses, eye products (mascara, eyeliner, brow pencils, etc) and then eye shadows at the top.
 finished product on my tiny cabinet-

and the bonus...i had 6 empty mac foundation containers. at mac when you use 6 products and you take them in you get a free lipstick, gloss or eye color. lord knows i don't need any but...it was free!!

i went with impassioned for summer. i'd post a picture but i look like a vampire (got my eyes dilated on my lunch (by a super hot eye doc(who i plan to ask out on friday when i go back))).

moral of the story. organize.
it's like shopping-for the saver.
xoxo ashleycolean

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