barbells and spandex

i wish i were the kind of person who could (and would) workout without a gym. i always look at people sweating to the gills at the park with such envy. they look so active, so fit, so...eager.

but, i'm not, one of those people. i need a gym. i need a little luxury. i need, a reason to want to go to the gym. unfortunately, the places you want to go to are also the places that are generally more expensive. such is life, i suppose.

today i joined a new gym. colorado athletic club. it's gorgeous. it's clean. they have steam room, sauna and hot tub in the women's locker room. there is a pool (which is pretty huge in colorado...unlike kansas city where there is a pool on every block). for kids like me, aka. young professionals, its $86.00/month-or $76.00/month if you sign a year contract (which is what i did).

so $76.00/month-yes, it's steep...but think about all the benefits of it....
1. a place you actually want to go
2. ease of getting ready-or, nice locker room space
3. better health (cuts on medical visits, medications, etc)
4. a pool!
5. more productive-when you're fit...it's proven.
6. free shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, q-tips, deodorant, body wash, lotion...seriously, it's full service!
7. tv! -which i don't pay for at home so it's nice to catch up on good-bad tv on the treadmill
8. commuter cutter-for me, if i work out for 40 minutes after work and then drive home, it only takes 10 minutes longer than if i'd left at 5:30 because of traffic...sure, i'll take 30 minutes of my day back-thanks!
9. eye candy-they say people who allow themselves to ogle over others at the gym are happier-again, it's proven.
10. healthy social environment. i hang out with friends for a workout and the pool...its cheaper, and a hell of a lot healthier than hanging out with them at a bar!

so there you have it, my justifications for my slightly over priced gym membership. we've all got our things that make our lives better...and i think a nice gym, with happy, fit people, is one of 'my things!'

that, and they serve beer, so...
xoxo ashleycolean

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