vacay pitfalls

traveling can be tricky. especially when you're traveling on a budget. you can get yourself into situations where you thought something would be 'X' and suddenly it's time to pay and it's 2x or 3x 'X!'

according to mintlife these are the top ten vacation budget pitfalls to look out for...

1. hotel internet services-about half of hotel chains charge for wireless internet, so don't be naive and assume it's free.
2. fees from flying- baggage fees, seat change fees, boarding priority fees...fees, fees, fees! that's why i fly southwest whenever i can!
3. hotel resort fees-look out for mandatory daily/ or flat fees from the resort. ask about this when you book...they have to tell you, and some can add $25/day onto your bill.
4. cruise food and drink charges- watch out for pricey food, and drink. many cruises also have wild fees for specific cuisine...so ask ahead of time, and know that 'inclusive' doesn't always actually mean, inclusive.
5. cruise ship excursions-plan for these extra costs before you travel if you plan to partake
6. attractions and spa services at all inclusive spots-obviously, these are more...so plan for them.
7. car rental insurance-if you have insurance, know what coverage you get on rentals...it could save you the added $10-$20/day for extra (unnecessary) insurance through the rental company.
8. car rental accessories-again, plan ahead. it's not rocket science.
9. toll roads-self-explanatory
10. breakfast at hotels-understand what exactly is included in your 'free' breakfast, and beware of up charges.

it all boils down to planning. again. be smart, ask questions, and barter a bit.
it never hurt anyone.
xoxo ashleycolean

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