movin on up?

okay- so i know i was just posting about my housing envy like a week ago, and here i go again. the difference is, this just happened to me, i didn't go out looking for this.

on my lunch break yesterday i was driving back to work and saw (a mere 3 blocks from my office) the cutest little place. it really looks too stinkin' cute. it's a block from pearl street and 3 blocks from my office.
the cons:
it's $380 more than i pay right now for rent
i doubt utilities are included-but i don't know that yet
no more colorful denver :(
no washer/dryer (my place now doesn't have one either and that's been okay)

the pros:
i save on gas (i'm guessing about $150/month)
i can walk to work
save about 95-120 minutes daily on my commute
close to one of the most fun streets ever
close to family
it's bigger
it's quieter

so i'm going to see the place today...
not sure what'll happen or which way it'll go, but i'm excited.

too bad the actual act of moving makes me homicidal.
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
xoxo ashleycolean

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theweederfam said...

Even though i love your apartment, I hope this works out for you!!! Post pics if you get it!!! :) xoxo