when i got my latest phone a year ago i jumped on just about every form of social media. i started facebooking more, tweeting about whatever on earth i felt like, and even-using foursquare.
my sister made fun of me. i get it. it's a little narcissistic really...to think anyone is interested in where you are at any given moment.

but ya know what, jokes on you sis. foursquare is just teeming with specials and free stuff!! personally, i have gotten two things in two days!!

yesterday i was at the farmers market in my hood, and when i went to 'check in' i saw that twist and shout records across the street was offering a check-in special so i checked it out. free fright night tickets to an advanced screening this week. sweet!!! although i probably wouldn't have gone to see the movie without a free pass-i'll go see (just about) anything if it's free!

then, today i went to whole foods to grab some groceries for lunches this week and you'll never guess-they were having a foursquare special also! i got a free lunch, just for telling the social media world that i was at whole foods!

i'll take it.
xoxo ashleycolean

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