the front porch

alcohol was (unfortunately) one of the first things to go when i started this financial lockdown. of course, that's not all bad. but every once in a while a girl needs to get her 'drink on.' (man, that will never sound cool-no matter who says it).
so going out, for me, to have a couple adult beverages has been few and far between over the past few months.

enter, the front porch.

this little gem, conveniently located in downtown denver, has a calendar with several names on each day. the calendar changes monthly to provide awesome nights out to a widely named range of people!! so if it's your 'name night' you just pop on in, show your id and start drinking! for FREE. of course, tip your bartender, or people will think you are a mega douche. but you could really tie one on to the tune of $10 or $15 bucks! not bad!!

additionally, the place is super cool inside. nice bartenders, good crowd (most of the time) and again, who can beat free drinks! flip night isn't a bad gig either. flip a coin, guess heads or tails, get it right and your drink is free. sweet deal.

go forth and get lit, my friends.
xoxo ashleycolean

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