this month has been brutal. i have overspent, had all kinds of surprise crap to pay for, went nearly broke getting my vw fixed after mother natures wrath, etc etc etc. it's only the middle of the month and not only is all of my money gone, but i've got a tiny amount of money on my credit card too. boo. fail. annoying.

normally, i'd say,
'ehh-welp, ya tried to pay down your debt. it worked for a while, then it didn't. don't be sad. go shopping.'

luckily i knew this would happen. and luckily i started a blog to keep myself honest.

but this month isn't going to much for the record books. my first month of less than $1000.00 on the debt pay down since i started the lockdown. i suppose it's all just part of the game.

hoping maybe my sympathetic mom is reading this and throws me a bone...
holding my breath.
xoxo ashleycolean

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