month three!!!

here we are-Q1 of the financial lock down completed! if we were sharing this at an ashleycolean shareholders meeting, i feel that everyone would be very happy with the results...feeling good about Q2!!

this month i figured out one of my downfalls...whenever something comes up that screws up my goals, or plans, or budget i get a 'screw it' attitude and feel like just spending more and more. i guess it's sort of like, well, you screwed it up so you might as well go nuts!

the good news, my friends, is that i fought that feeling and when my car got destroyed by mother nature and i had to spend another $70.00 i wasn't expecting for travel-i held out. i didn't 'go nuts' i felt secure in the fact that i had the money to cover it. sure my lock down numbers wouldn't be as high this month (and next when i have to get my car at the shop) but at least i did the best i could.
i'm happy with myself. hap hap happy.

i had a couple of 'tails' jobs this month that helped out the amount i was able to pay down. and, despite a slight over spend on my 'wants' i still pulled out a total debt down of $1,695.51, and also put $149.35 in savings! not bad, eh!
july i met goal 2 on my list! under $10,000 on my student loans!!!!

august is going to be a big month too! despite the fact that i'll have to take care of my rental car and the costs to get my vw back, i think i'll meet goal 3, a positive net worth. can i get a woot woot!
thanks tina! i think you rock too!
xoxo ashleycolean

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