fancy or frugal

i have pretty serious housing envy. i live in a decent building, for a pretty affordable price, in a great area. but that doesn't mean that i don't look at the apartment complex next to mine with raging envy.

they have porches, and a garage, and a courtyard, and they were built in this century. every person that comes out of that place (apart from the dude that drives a $70,000 bmw) look just like me. young professionals. so how (the hell) can they live there and i can't.

i've been going over this and over this. here's what i've come up with.
1. roommates.
something i refuse to do, unless it's a boyfriend, ever again. once you live alone you can't go back. at least i can't.
2. cohabitation.
just one more benefit couples get over us singles...shared rent.
3. they are living outside their means.
ding*ding*ding*...i'm venturing to guess that's what's happening here.

apartments next door to my little spot (which is, in fact, quite charming) are approximately 40% more than my place. my place is $815.00. cheap for denver. and, that covers all utilities and a parking space (it's $785 without the space).

according to financial experts, you should never spend more than 30% of your net earnings on your housing. utilities should account for a maximum of 2-5% of your paycheck. i'm following this rule, but i bet some of my neighbors aren't. as much as i'd like to have a fancy little place, i'm okay being frugal (most days).

i have to talk myself out of shopping for apartments and talk myself in to being happy about how affordable and good (at least for now) my current place is. but then i've got the damn place next door glaring at me every time i go home. not to mention i've seen some super handsome dudes on those patios...

maybe when i'm out of debt.
xoxo ashleycolean

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