money wasters

i was checking in with cnn money the other day and found this article about the top ten biggest money wasters. according to them-
c/o whi

the biggest money wasters:

atm fees-i'm not too into this because i used my cards whenever possible, but something as simple as planning ahead if you're into carrying cash will do wonders for you.

lotto tickets-i have to avoid lotto tickets because i somehow become totally convinced i will win-every time.

gourmet coffee-like i said here-stopping the starbucks runs have seriously helped my budget.

cigarettes-thank goodness-not something i had to worry about.

infomercial impulse buys-i've only ever bought 1 thing from an infomercial. and i used it-for a while.

brand name groceries-guilty, and i think the whole foods 'brand' is even more expensive. i love whole foods. i can't help it. i actually enjoy going to the grocery store when i shop there. probably oughta switch over. ugh.

going out to eat-uh yea-i think before the lock down i was easily spending $250plus to go out to eat in a month.

unused gym memberships-indeed. i keep thinking maybe i should put a hold on mine until the fall-because i'd rather die than waste a sunny day in the gym. something to think about.

daily internet deals-bingo. although, i haven't bought any in the past month, and now my focus is using all the ones i had so they don't expire.

bundled phone and internet packages-n/a

so yes, i have been a victim to most of these-

but probably my personal worst one- beauty products!

xoxo ashleycolean

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