like the stars hold the moon

everyone thinks they have the best mom. and i'm not trying to brag, but if mine isn't the very best, she's damn close to the front of the pack.
toni, my mama, had that sister and i both before she was 26, and somehow knew what she was doing. she's pretty much self taught at everything, so of course, motherhood wouldn't be any different. a mom, business owner (way to go t), and great wife to boot...this lady's got it handled, and is great at everything she does. i feel like she knows how to tackle any problem, and even though i would have cringed to ask for help when i was a bratty teenager...now, i feel blessed beyond belief to have a mom that is always there, always helpful, and always thinking of me.

with my dad-the two made a life for sister and me. when things were tough, we didn't know it. when things were great, we absolutely knew it. and we were raised in a home where love was never hard to find.

i was just saying to amanda when i was in dc, that being a parent is such a crap shoot. how do you know your children will grow up to be kind, good, thoughtful, decent people? and how (the hell) did my parents pull it off? young, first timers, with a hope for a happy, healthy family...and somehow-it worked out.

mama had an awful lot to do with it. she was tough, but we always knew how much she loved her 'doll,' and her 'bug.'

she wasn't big on the 'be your kids friend' philosophy...but somehow, it ended up that way, anyway :)

happy mothers day, mom.
i can't wait to try and be the mom to my kids that you are to me...the very best.

now let's get our family brunch on.
xoxo ashleycolean

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