emergency funds

i've been doing a lot of digging lately into the idea of an emergency fund. there are tons of theories out there about just how much you need to have available in the event of something awful-or in the event that you have a pricey 'surprise crap' purchase. ya know, car work, broken leg, big broken appliance, ambulance ride, etc.
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in all my eagerness to pay off the debt-i simply passed by savings-or, adding to my emergency fund. yesterday, i found myself getting pretty deep into the simple dollar-a financial blog designed to talk about financial things in a way 'the rest of us' can grasp. i love it!

trent hamm-of the simple dollar laid out some tips for your emergency fund-and yes, i've got 'em for you! 

trent's tips:
apply some realistic frugality in your life-
acquire no new debt-
build up your emergency fund a little-
everyone’s personal sense of risk is different-
the key is always spend less than you earn-

they are pretty clear-but it never hurts to have a little reminder. my problem is, my emergency fund and my savings are one in the same. i'll have to tackle savings once i get this debt 'down-to-zero'...(name that 90's cartoon lyric).
trent's got a ton of great insight-so you'll be hearing more about his advice as i read.
in other news, the first month of the lockdown is almost over!! and i can't wait to share the results with you!!
happy wednesday.
xoxo ashleycolean

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