a learning curve

a few things i picked up from my first couple weeks in spending detention...
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1. i have to get better at saying 'no'- which i struggled with pre-lockdown too.
'no, i can't go out to eat.'
'no, i brought my lunch.'
'no, i'd love to get together, but i'm not up for that $ (insert wildly high amount) concert/event.'


i realized, after some reflection, that i was partially afraid of not getting asked again. when i moved to colorado, and sat for the first six months, friendless, i would have said yes to anything. 'ash, wanna go tag a building with spray paint??' 'SURE!!!'

of course saying 'no, i can't make it to brunch,' did not mean 'no, i don't want to be your friend-please cease all communication with me.'
i'm a nut job.

2. realizing all the little places where i was spending an absurd amount of money!! some of which include morning coffee stops, target end caps, 'just to say hi' gifts, beer.

just 1 stop, 4x/week at starbucks could potentially reach amounts of over $70/month.

3. seeing how i'd begun to take things for granted (material things).
now, i think (i haven't actually bought anything yet) a new pair of shoes, or top, or even a trip to the movies will mean more to me.
even going out to grab lunch is a much more enjoyable experience because i don't do it 4x/week. we went out to lunch for work this week and it felt like a treat!

4. people are awfully quick to spend your money for you. 

5. i found out that there are a few people i know trying to be smart with their money! talking to my friends in this mindset was refreshing, helpful and kept me motivated during my first couple weeks.

6. it kind of sucks-but i feel so much less stressed out!! and, i'm shifting my mind from being excited about a new dress, to being excited about watching my debt go down!!
(i sound like my mother).

7. there are all kinds of fun things to do for free. some of them even involve cocktails!
hold for details.

i actually feel like i could succeed at this. and it's a healthy, positive thing to be dumping my energy into.

just call me dave ramsey.
xoxo ashleycolean

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