two sided coin

so when i decided to put myself on financial lockdown, i did so, largely in part to reading the story about anna jones-of and then she saved. she was young, fun, fabulous, a fellow denverite, and fighting her way-uphill-to get out of debt. i was instantly into it.

after a week or so pining away about if i could do it, stick to it and actually make is even sort of interesting to read about-i wrote it down and made it happen.
granted-i'm still a newbie at this. but, i'm doing it. and i'm super proud of myself.

i got a pretty bad spending pang today and as irony would have it, it came from cruising anna's etsy site.
her site hit on the majority of my spending triggers...adorable, funny, one of a kindish. i love popping things in the mail to kc-and onesies are no exception.

i mean really-
d bird-you need these. i'll try and skimp on my 'wants' budget the rest of the month to send it to you!

if nothing else-keep your eye on the mail for this one...
love you d bird.
xoxo ashleycolean

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