one foot in front of the other

last october i ran my first marathon. i was one proud peacock over it. i felt like such a bad ass. so bad ass, in fact, that i simultaneously decided that i could spend the next 7 months rewarding myself for a job well done. thus, undoing, all i'd done. bummer.

so, with my bf erin's wedding, my overall fitness, and my competitive spirit in mind i am training for numero dos. (kill me).
dooms day october 9, 2011.

this is how happy i was about running marathon number 1:

this is how excited i am about training for marathon numbero dos:

oh yea, this'll be really fun.
i started yesterday, but i can't muster the drive to run until thursday (you see what i mean).

this is not going to end well.
xoxo ashleycolean

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