let's lunch

i used to go grab lunch on my hour out of the office, but since 'the lockdown,' i have been using them for more productive activities...errands, running at the gym, reading my book club book i'm afraid i won't finish, etc etc etc.

well today was a day of returns. i ordered a bunch of clothes (pre lockdown) from anthro, and loved most of them...but had a few things that i couldn't really see myself getting the use i needed out of to justify the cost. also had a few things to go back to target.
and voilĂ -the returns converted from 'things i don't love' to 'super exciting store credit!!!'

now, when i feel like i'm going to crack on the lockdown, i can go in to anthro and get something i actually love with my $102.61, or target (they've got some great shoes right now) for $33.31. the returns were bought with gift cards so they couldn't refund on my credit card (which would have been just lovely). however, i also returned some 'pre-lockdown' shoes that were terribly misrepresented online-for a credit card refund of $51.26. i'm makin' headway!!

xoxo ashleycolean

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theweederfam said...

Good job, you are my hero. I just ordered a maxi dress from Free People and the word 'return' is resounding in my head, it was a total impulse buy!