3 things

1. i am (probably way too) excited to report that yesterday i won a contest! the contest was to guess the number of eggs purchased by jills restaurant at the st. julien between january and may....because i had the closest guess i won brunch for two to jills!
ahhhh! this fancy brunch is just up my alley-and even more exciting because brunch is one of the things i gave up with my financial lockdown. but i can go if it's free!!! the julien is one of the most amazing places! i just love it.
brunch at jill's
2. tomorrow i have a totally 'rado day planned for my girlfriends and myself. can't wait to tell you about it. where we went, what we did, and how little we spent! :)

3. this week during lunch i got myself a spankin' new boulder library card. the days of spending money at the bookstore are over my friends. i can walk over from my office-which is an added bonus and another way to use my lunch breaks to do anything other than shop like i used to (urban is 2 blocks).

overall a good week. the sun is shining around here again, which is great. i was a little homicidal there for a minute. hope you all have a great weekend!

later skaters.
xoxo ashleycolean

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