recently i told you about kiva, a brilliant peer to peer lending site. i think what they are doing is phenomenal and contributing to them, and their members across the globe, makes me really happy.

to update you on the kiva front-i recently loaned to my TENTH person for kiva. i had some quick paybacks from my last post so was able to loan again pretty quickly. my tenth loan went to a woman named elma yadao in the philippines who needed the loan to buy livestock feed and vitamins for her hog farm.
c/o kiva.org
george eliot once said 'one must be poor to know the luxury of giving.'
and, although i'm not technically poor, my new spending habits lend themselves to exponentially more pride when i'm able to do for others. we all win.  to read more about kiva and the brilliant things they are doing, go here!!

go elma, go!
xoxo ashleycolean

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