the good life

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we've heard it a million times. 'livin' the good life. but what does that mean, exactly? well, it means something different to everyone out there. we all have specific things that make us happy, things that matter, and things that don't. i will never care to have a road bike more expensive than some people's cars.
i will never care to spend money 'makin' it rain' in a bar filled with strangers. i won't ever spend money on expensive european wine-the $12.00 bottle is close enough for me. we all have priorities.
i know some people think the $285 michael kors watch i've been wanting for two years now, is totally unnecessary-that to some, spending $198 on a summer dress at anthropologie is asinine, and that a $400 day at the hair salon is totally unimportant to say, someone who goes to great clips for a quick trim...but that's the thing...what's important to you may not be to me, and vice versa. the beauty of it- that's absolutely fine.

in the book i'm reading the author recommends laying out your want/needs. i like that she calls them 'want/needs' because it's true...my dad 'needs' a fancy road bike for the life he wants. same as i 'need' a MK watch for the life i want.

our good lives can change over time, evolve with us.
my friend c likely didn't think organic pears would ever be something she'd spend extra money on, but now that she has a baby-they are. when i lived in kansas having nice hiking shoes wasn't a priority-it's funny how one scary ass (almost serious) fall on a hike changed my mind on that front. lay out your want/needs, but remember to reevaluate them every so often.

things change. people change. priorities change.

my good life today:
family-being there. spending the money, every so often, to be present with my family.
friends-having a social life, entertaining friends
health-healthy food, gym membership (that i actually want to use)
a city zip code-i commute, and sometimes i hate it. but part of my good life is living in the city i love, not having a shorter drive to be stuck, living out off the highway somewhere because it's cheaper.
financial comfort-i don't need to be loaded, (although that would be nice) but being in a place void of financial stress is the goal.
pretty things-at least every once in a while!

what makes up your good life?
xoxo ashleycolean

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