which do you want first?

the good news or the bad news???

i like to end on a good note, so the bad comes first...

the bad news:
oops. this weekend i oopsed. sort of badly. i spent like i used to. not at the mall-just at one bar, one day-but still. no bueno.
granted, it was my favorite bar, and the margaritas are totally worth every stinkin' penny, but now i only have $3.94 left for the month of june in my non-need spending pocket. 10 days and less than $4.00. i repeat, no bueno.

hopefully i live through these 10, long, hard, (that's what she said) rough, terrible, days.

c/o lilco
the good news:
with a honkin' transfer from savings into the student loan, and some diligent 'debt downing' this month i am officially below the $30,000 mark!!! WHOO HOO!!!! i feel like knocking on the door of $20,000 will feel even better, but under $30k definitely didn't suck.

i'll give ya'll some more details on where it all came from and where it all went for my month 2 recap-but i was just too excited to hold it in. maybe my fudge on the non-need spending was a subconscious celebration for the reaching that milestone?!

nah, i think i just fudged.

wish me luck.
xoxo ashleycolean

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