twenty under $25-three

i got one for you. well actually, it's two things, but we'll count it as one because that leaves me more of my twenty activities to accomplish. i love a challenge.

co-ed leagues. yea, that's right. getting outside, drinking a beer, and playing...well, anything. i am in two leagues right now. softball-monday's in boulder, and volleyball-thursday's in denver. both of the leagues give me something fun to do with friends two nights every week...and both are relatively cheap.
wash park votr league
check out volleyball of the rockies website for more info on starting your own team. or the city of boulder for softball. every city has all kinds of leagues, so get out there and find some friends to join with you. just google local leagues in your area. you can also join teams with people you don't know...make some friends. two birds, ya know.

what i spent (volleyball)
$33.00 for the season
total weekly spend: $4.13

what i spent (softball)
$58.00 for the season
total weekly spend: $5.80

all the cool kids are doing it.
xoxo ashleycolean

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