i won!!!

thanks to my amazing friends, family, friends of friends, strangers, etc etc etc....i WON the st julien pancake contest!!! whoo hooooo!!!!! it was hard work and took more campaigning than i have ever done in my ENTIRE life. i know now, that i will never, ever, ever run for political office. it stressed me out!!

the julien is probably my favorite place on earth....okay, maybe not earth, but in boulder-at least! it's glorious! every time i stay there i am so depressed to leave. i'd move in if they'd cut me a deal!

anyway, i am so excited i could flip out. the best part is, i can use it for the bachelorette party i'm planning-so it saves me about $250!! so exciting!

just thought ya'll would like to know
xoxo ashleycolean

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