3 things

i'm struggling this week to come up with three things that made me happy-as it seemed nothing could really make me too happy this week.

sadness prevailed with the loss of a great man, far before his time-

anxiety reared it's ugly head also, with my sister going through an intense surgery to fix some horrible pain the poor thing has been in for nearly a year now.

the combination of the two has given me a heavy heart. so instead of try to come up with 3 arbitrary things that really didn't do too much for me-here's what i have.

1. family.
2. good friends who can find a way to support you, when even you, aren't sure what it is you need.
3. your health, and the health of the two above.

'live everyday like a holiday and treat every meal like a picnic'
xoxo ashleycolean

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