twenty under $25-four

oh hey, ya'll. so i've got another one for you...

last night i went to an amazing show at the larimer lounge in five points-a hood i'm newly investigating because my uncle david just got a new place over there. we went to see sondre lerche-who was amazing! i wasn't familiar with him, but david and his kids are always talking this guy up to be amazing. i couldn't have agreed more.

the larimer is a divey little joint but a great sized venue for intimate concerts. cheap drinks, good music and a great vibe. who could ask for more??!! i somehow avoided the tshirt/cd table-although i would have bought at least 2 of the tshirts i saw and the cds for all three artists! alas, i contained myself. i'll get the music from uncle d and probably covet the tshirt until christmas and ask for it then...yes, i'm already thinking about christmas.

what it cost:
$15.00 ticket for sondre and 2 opening acts (also amazing)
$3.00 coors light-then switched to water

total cost: $18.00
for a headbangin', toe tappin', hip swingin', air guitarin'  good time??!
i'll take it.
xoxo ashleycolean

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