old fashioned ways

c/o whi
i was reading get rich slowly the other day and the author was talking about how frustrating it is that people are always looking for the new way to save money, to get rich, etc...

basically-it's basic.

the old fashioned way is still the right way. i pulled some info from get rich slowly to share with you here.

wealth = what you earn - what you spend

pretty simple guys. no blaming anyone else. if you're broke,  ultimately it's your bad. you're spending more than your making. i was doing it for months-okay-years.

gsr also says that basic personal finance comprises three essential skills:

earning-the ability to bring in money-which requires resourcefulness and a desire to work.
spending-the ability to live frugally and spend wisely-which requires sacrifice and the ability to prioritize.
investing-the ability to produce surplus and make that surplus grow-which requires patience and research.

spend less than you earn and invest the difference. or, in my case put every penny of the difference in the hole i'm standing in-to eventually fill that sucker up to the top!

what a novel idea.
xoxo ashleycolean

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