all the love you need

i've got a pretty rad dad. i'm not just saying that. everyone that knows my dad, loves him.

he is one of the hardest working, family oriented men i have ever known. lucky for me, he's my dad. i had a pretty fantastic example of what a husband and father should be. you could say i've been spoiled in that department.

with dad at a bar in kc

new years 2009-denver

tailgating in 2008
i'm a lot like my dad. we like all the same things, we have similar views on a lot of things (mainly i think everything that annoys my dad-annoys me). sports, music, and a good micro brew-i don't think there will ever be a day my dad and i won't enjoy something together.

being daughter number one, i took on 'daddy's girl' pretty easily.

my dad taught me a lot about teamwork, priorities, accountability, hard work, and being appreciative for what you have. i fell in love with colorado largely because of my dad, and always had so much support to move out here and do my own thing.

my dad taught me to respect people, that good work ethic would always beat lazy, to respect my name and where i came from. i learned that good music is the best medicine. that the national anthem should never be sang as a joke. that sometimes, just walking away is the only thing that makes sense. to be proud of myself-and always do things to hang on to that pride. i learned an appreciation for the outdoors. how to make a mean hamburger. that the kind of person someone is will always show itself-no matter how hard they might try to cover it up. i learned that i was never going to get anything for free. to think long and hard about inviting people into my life that don't deserve it. never to be a fair weather fan. and, that passion and conviction outweighs most things-and a strong sense of self will always lead you where you need to go.
making your parents proud is, i think, on of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. and to know that my dad is so proud of me for moving out here, getting through the tough times, making a life for myself, and doing it my way, is the greatest gift. thanks daddy, for making such a wonderful life for me, filled with support and love. i treasure our relationship more than i could ever say.

happy father's day.
xoxo ashleycolean

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