this little piggy

last night there was a massacre in my apartment. it went a little something like this...

i've been lugging around this pig full of money for years now. it came with me from college, to colorado-then from my first place to my second-from one spot in the apartment to another. slowly collecting funds (but not much because i'm a credit card girl myself).
last night i decided he was done. i needed a pick me up and he, ultimately, had to take one for the team.

today-i am 1 piggy bank less than i was yesterday-but $94.25 richer than i was yesterday. i'm throwing the coins down on my contact purchase i had to make earlier this month.

side note: also made some cash today from my carpooler-that too, is going toward the contacts.

tryin' everything i can think of to get outta this funk.
xoxo ashleycolean

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