3 things

after a rough week last week i am feeling on the mend this week. it's finally feeling like summer in denver this week-and i couldn't be happier about it. okay, i could be happier-if i were actually outside in the nice weather instead of watching it from my work window. but, whatcha gonna do?!

my three this week were easy to come up with...

1. i am super pumped about my little blog catchin' on and striking a chord with people enough to be checking me out regularly! this week i had over 650 views! now that's pretty great. i started this thing to hold myself accountable, but it turns out other people are actually into it and learning something from it-which is amazing! (if you're one of the people checking in on me-click 'follow' on the right! i'd love it)

2. healing and health were up there this week. my little sis and grandpa both went under the knife last week, and are both healing quickly! i can't wait to have my sister back in good health and good spirits-so this certainly made my week. (i'm totally jealous of her though chilling out at home during her recovery for a few weeks reading books and catching up on mindless tv and movies! ---but no, i wouldn't trade her spots).

3. highlands street fair is this weekend!!! man o man-this girl loves herself the highlands!! heading over to spend the day in the sun with friends-it just doesn't get much better than that.
hope you all have a great weekend planned-i'll do my best to have a twenty under $25 for you from the weekend.

sunsets are free-
xoxo ashleycolean

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